Friday, June 12, 2009

Recruiting for 3 Volunteer Leadership Positions

LIVESTRONG Army Ocean County is in the process of creating our core/base team that will work as a committee to help create or short and long term "PLAN of ACTION" for 2009 and beyond. During the next few weeks/months we will be recruiting for three leadership positions for our local army.

Please review the below volunteer leadership positions and contact if you are interested in any of them. We will create more over time so please remember to check back.

Recruitment Leader: A recruitment leader is the lead in getting new people involved with LIVESTRONG Army Ocean County. This could include coaching group members on how to ask others to get involved, assuring local members have the materials or sign-up forms needed to recruit others and monitoring and celebrating the addition of new local members. The person will also define ways to improve our recruitment process and create relationships with other local armies to try and improve ours and their process. Requirement: Person must have passion to help us fight cancer and grow the army.

Events Leader: An events leader is the point person on identifying community events taking place in the area in which the group could participate and arranging for event logistics, such as securing materials, volunteers and registration forms. The position could also be responsible for organizing local LIVESTRONG actions, such as a Wear Yellow Day in the community. The person would work closely with the other leaders to arrange the events. Requirement: Person must have passion to help us fight cancer. Person to have experience in event planning, fundraising or other type of events.

Communications Leader: A communications leader is responsible for developing and sending communications, such as an email newsletter or regular updates, to all group members. A newsletter and other updates could include information about upcoming meetings and activities, feature local members and successes and highlight news from the LAF. The communications captain also could monitor the local press and submit articles to the local newspaper or community newsletter or coordinate letters to the editor on behalf of the local LIVESTRONG Leader. Requirement: Person must have passion to help us fight cancer. Person to have work experience in Marketing or Communications.