Friday, December 5, 2008

Sign up for LIVESTRONG Army Ocean County NJ

We are a VOLUNTEER organization and you are not under any obligations. You may decide to sign up to show your support in the fight against cancer or maybe you want to volunteer your time at events to raise awareness and raise funds. Maybe you want to volunteer your time meeting or writing letters to local and state officials to make cancer a local/national priority. We let you decide how much time you can spend.

Sign up for LIVESTRONG Army Ocean County NJ (select Ocean County from the Local Army Name drop-down list)

As a local Army member, you will be helping to support and expand the mission of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The LAF is committed to supporting the cancer fight and offering concrete ways for survivors to help make cancer a national priority. Join us and other cancer groups to end the suffering caused by cancer.

All across the country, local Armies are working on projects to fight cancer in their community. Depending on the interests of leaders and their members, these Armies work on a wide-range of projects. Examples include helping us distribute our programmatic materials within their local communities, organizing fundraising events and writing letters to decision-makers about the importance of funding cancer research and prevention.

If you have any questions about your local Army, please contact Brian Dowd Thank you for your commitment to making cancer a national priority.


Brian Dowd
Ocean County NJ