Monday, August 25, 2008

The Mission of the Local LIVESTRONG Army

The Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) is committed to supporting the cancer fight and offering concrete ways for survivors to help make cancer a national priority. Join us and other cancer groups to end the suffering caused by cancer.

As part of our national work, the LAF is organizing local LIVESTRONG armies across the country. A local LIVESTRONG Army is a dynamic group of people who unite to make cancer a priority in their community, at the state level and across the country. Local LIVESTRONG armies can:

1.) Grow the LIVESTRONG Army to demonstrate public support for making cancer a national priority and to gain the power necessary to effect change.

Recruitment is the lifeblood of any great Grassroots movement. There are two types of grassroots recruitment you can concentrate on to make your LIVESTRONG Army a success.
The first is what we refer to as "Base Building" or recruiting your core supporters, the people that will be with you through thick and thin in your fight to make cancer a national priority. These are people that you'll be in contact with on a regular basis. Review this worksheet for tips on how to build YOUR base.

The second is building the LIVESTRONG Army, this is general recruitment for people that may want to get involved with the Lance Armstrong Foundation but at first might not be willing to join a Local Army. Review this worksheet on how to conduct general recruitment.

The LIVESTRONG Petition is a great way to recruit others to the cause. Please note, that once you've recorded their information on your own membership roster, please either enter their information in online at

2.) Raise public awareness about the need for cancer to be a national priority

The following materials can be used to generate local media interest in what your Local LIVESTRONG Army is doing. If an official comment from the LAF is sought by your local media, please refer the LAF.

First step, find the different media outlets in your community.

  • How to Pitch Stories to the Media (PDF) This is a quick reference document to prepare you for interacting with the media.
  • Tips for Talking to the Media (PDF) These tips will help your event get noticed by the media and possibly secure coverage of your event.
  • Key Messages (PDF) These are key points to address when talking to the media.
  • Email Template This template can be sent to the media and potential event attendees to promote your event.
  • Letter to the Editor (PDF) Learn how to write an effective Letter to the Editor.
  • Media Advisory Let the media know about your event by sending this advisory with important details. Advisories are appropriate to use as a reminder to the local media about your event.

3.)Raise money or initiate projects that fund or address cancer issues

As a member of your local LIVESTRONG Army you will serve as an ambassador of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. We offer a number of tools to assist you when representing the LAF in your community. These tools include LIVESTRONG Army talking points, "How To" run a booth, "How To" organize an event, nametag templates, and other essential tools to support you and your Army. Please continue to check your my.livestrong page as additional tools and materials are added frequently.

4.) Demand leadership accountability on making cancer a national priority

5.) Advocate for the LAF's national policy agenda (PDF)

6.) Advocate for issues of local concern